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When Collaboration Is the Cure: How The Extended Health Care Organization (EHCO) Project Has Enhanced Collaboration to Address Hospital Readmissions

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It's a common tale in the skilled nursing and long-term care industry: A nursing home resident requires acute care. The resident is transferred to the local hospital to receive that care and is then transferred back his or her home facility. All too often, that same resident needs to be re-hospitalized for either the same or an unrelated health issue.

Recent studies suggest that nearly one quarter of Medicare beneficiaries will require re-hospitalization within 30 days of their original hospital stay—and approximately 90% of those re-hospitalizations were unplanned and potentially preventable.

Better Care, Better Health, Lower Costs. It’s more than a slogan: it’s a call to arms. EHCO’s commitment to sharing tools, policies and best practices means participating organizations are mobilized to successfully support Michigan’s declining elderly population through a multiple and various transitions of care. And as they continue to reduce hospital re-admissions, EHCO offers proof that collaboration really can be the cure for healthcare’s most pressing issues.

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