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Benchmarking and Quality: Using Data Collection Analytics to Prevent Negative Outcomes

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Identifying metrics and trends is key to developing processes that can reduce negative outcomes, identify improvements, and monitor effectiveness of interventions.

With multiple regulatory changes and increasing penalties, The Center for Medicare and Medicaid (“CMS”) has instituted the 2018 deadline for a new reimbursement plan.

With this approaching timeline it is imperative for Senior Care organizations to be able to analyze metrics using a systematic approach, collection, and analysis to succeed.

This White Paper covers:

  • Creating  your standard of which to benchmark
  • Establishing your internal quality (QI) improvement team
  • Undertaking Root Cause Analysis
  • Using analytics and reporting within an EHR solution
  • Monitoring improvement

This whitepaper also covers 4 ways to use analytics and reports to meet your quality measures including:

  1. Incidents
  2. Infections
  3. Skin Conditions
  4. Activities of Daily Living

Download this whitepaper today and begin to address underlining business problems so that you can develop a quality initiative program and prevent negative outcomes.


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