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Saluting service

October 20, 2016  |  Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

Special activities for veteran residents can help them combat isolation and cope with memories of the war experience...

Personality and perceptions of aging linked to depression

October 11, 2016  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

A new study found that improving self-perceptions related to efficacy and aging in older adults can reduce signs of depression in older adults. 

A new generation of gamers

October 4, 2016  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

The classic arcade game Pac-Man can now be played on the Moff Band bracelet. The Internet of Things startup is targeting seniors who want to improve their health as a key market for its wearable device designed to gamify fitness. 

Children’s tale takes flight for senior author, illustrator

September 30, 2016  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

Octogenarians get in touch with their inner spring chickens for their first juvenile fiction book about the extraordinary adventures of a seemingly-ordinary bird. 

The care conundrum

September 26, 2016  | 

Resident blogger Kathy Mears watches how one resident’s changing health condition affects her family. That requires a lot of coordination for staff to communicate and keep everyone updated on an institutional level. 

Not much gray on the silver screen

September 14, 2016  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

An analysis of the 100 top-grossing films of 2015 show seniors in a less-than-flattering light, especially in comparison to a Humana survey that found the story of aging is much more uplifting. 

An extra special birthday treat

September 14, 2016  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

A 105-year-old’s birthday wish has come true: A cake delivered by a hunky firefighter. 

Animal comforts

September 9, 2016  |  Beth Thomas Hertz

Aminals have a special power to connect with seniors, including those whose dementia makes it hard for them to communicate. Furry, fuzzy and feathered assistants help their human counterparts engage residents with company and comfort near the end of life....

Socializing makes seniors more popular—and healthier

September 7, 2016  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

Social butterflies tend to be in better health and less vulnerable to elder abuse, a Canadian researcher has found.

Seniors steal the spotlight

September 1, 2016  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor
It’s lights, camera, action at one Florida senior living community, the set for the upcoming feature-length comedy “Salted Christmas: One Family, One Day, One Purpose.”

Seniors help fund employees’ education

September 1, 2016  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

A Pennsylvania CCRC’s scholarship program awarded more than $90,000 to help its employees fund their post-high school education. 

Brookdale resident found dead on bus

August 31, 2016  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

A resident boarded a bus for a weekly ride around town. She was found dead on the bus more than 29 hours later. 


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