The results are in, and you don't trust Obama

June 23, 2008

We tallied the votes and compiled your comments, discovering a striking display of distrust from you, our readers, in Obama’s healthcare reform. A week after posting “Questioning Obama’s Healthcare Reform…,” 17% who read the article decided to vote in the poll that accompanies it, resulting in 73% of that group expressing their doubt of the presidential candidate. While it is understood that these polls are certainly not representative of the audience that visits this site, it is, however, representative of the people who read this particular article.

So what did you have to say?


• “I am concerned that his lack of experience, age, and what favors he will ‘owe’ large private interest groups will hinder him, thus leaving the largest private interest group, the American people, to fend for themselves.”

• “This guy doesn’t have a clue ... his idea of ‘change’ for the American public is to tax anything that moves and give it to the pork in our national budget or to those who don’t contribute. If we can’t even get oil at the worst situation or pay high prices as is the current crisis, seniors will be WAY DOWN THE LINE of what matters and gets attention. God help us!


• “Much of his words are seemingly platitudes: They sound good but have no substance or basis to actually create change. In addition, he relies too heavily on national level initiatives (i.e., Interagency Coordinating Committee on Transportation), which creates MORE red tape. Rather, send money locally to organizations who are more in touch with actually doing something for people (i.e., the local Area Agency on Aging folks).

• “Unfortunately, those who make decisions on healthcare have no clue what is really going on. All politicians need to consult medical personal such as myself. Universal health coverage is not the answer, especially to the public who care not to take care of themselves, then in later years have to pay for it. More money needs to start with preventive medicine.


• “I am curious how Obama intends for LTC facilities to recruit and retain quality workers if the facilities cannot afford to pay comparable wages due to Federal funding cuts.

• “Ensuring financial stability—that (Medicare Advantage) program is controlled by so many people, and a lot of them don’t want to get on board to control costs. They only want to make lots of money while they can. There is no thought given to the future of the time when they will be in the LTC. THAT WILL BE INTERESTING!
These are harsh sentiments. Yet, having been burned countless times by the political arena as a whole, it is to be expected that most of you would not trust a fledgling candidate of either party. Some of you gave Obama the benefit of a fresh start though, saying he was indeed fit for office, with, as one reader pointed out, “the help from Congress and the Senate.

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I think the way the country is changing any one in the political spotlight is going to say what they need to just to aquire the vote, the country is made up of a great deal of seniors and many do not know how to deal with the cultural changes and I feel any political individual will use the health care system to take advantage of the vote.. americans are suffering in long term due to the politics and it is not difficult to figure out.. we treat our seniors poorly in the ltc setting with the current medicaid budget for payment to the facilities who we depend on to take care and hold our seniors dear to their hearts.

What is interesting to me about the negative comments concerning Obama is that the element of outrageous non-concern for this population by the currect administration is just to handed off to McCain for more of the same. When will you people wake up?

Its a pity we don't have someone else to choose from, I don't think either Obama or McCain will be good for the country, and neither would Hillary Clinton have been. For the first time in my memory, I don't have a candidate to vote for, I wouldn't choose either.

Judge not for ye be judged. It is easy for us to sit back and say what another person in Obama position will do. The one thing we do know is that a change is going to come. If you are on board or not the world keeps turning and you can't stop it. You have a candiate either you embrace him or hold your peace until the results are in. I agree with the peson who said what have we gained with the present administration?


the only change we will see out of this snake oil salesman is the two or three cents left in your pocket after taxes.

Don't short change Obama, he has more of a positive record in politics including the senate than the public has beeen privileged to. We have had many past presidents with little to know experience, and even those with no knowledge or judgment, just take a look at the past seven years, with a democratic senate and house I believe a lot of the trouble the US is in can be overxome, certainly not overnight but with Obama instead of McCain, we have a chance to regain our standing in the world and to see some interest in domestic, and infrastructure improvements so badly needed.

If you think the Republicans or McCain really care about seniors who are not wealthy, then wake up. We are no different than welfare moms. Obama may not have the experience but he is way smarter than Bush and has a commitment to make a difference for all Americans, not just his cronies.

I don't know if he will deliver everything, but he is the best that we have to chose from. If you need a reminder of the present situation, review the last 8 years of a republican white house.

Elect Obama

Elect Obama. The Republicans have had their chance for the last 8 years and the country is a mess. McCain is another George Bush (minus the speech impediments.)