Delivering dynamics

December 18, 2014     Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

Long-term and post-acute care providers will grapple with crucial issues in 2015, and will have to put the pieces together amid new business models and new initiatives. The key is to look forward instead of back.

5 tips for happy holiday visits

December 16, 2014     Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

Caregivers and nursing homes can help families have happier holiday visits by doing a few things in advance. Here are five tips to avoid “visit crises” and make everything easier for residents and their visiting families during the holidays.

Dealing with SAD

December 15, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Many environmental conditions can affect the human condition—the tides, pollution, humidity. Long-Term Living’s resident blogger Kathleen Mears has displayed some of the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.

Ezekiel Emanuel: Meaning, not length, most important in life

December 13, 2014     Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

Some may have been misled by a recent essay in The Atlantic, author Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, PhD, says. His published views on aging and the end of life, however, have implications for policymakers and professional caregivers.

Tips on walker safety

December 9, 2014     Sandra Hoban, Managing Editor

Self-propelled walkers help the elderly maintain independence, but they can present some fall risks for the unwary, unpracticed or uninformed user.

Searching for after-Thanksgiving deals online

December 8, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Everyone is looking for a bargain these days. That is especially true for long-term care residents who need to shop smart to get more from their limited funds.

Mechanical lifts can endanger residents

December 2, 2014     Sandra Hoban, Managing Editor

Although mechanical lifts make moving a patient easier for the caregiver, safety can be compromised if the user does not know how to operate the lift properly.

Let's make a deal

December 1, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Pssst! Want a plant? Have I got a deal for you! Residents can drive a hard bargain when they are out looking for the perfect deal even when it’s not Cyber Monday.

Sales versus marketing

November 24, 2014     Luke Fannon

As more communities feel the economic pressure to sell units and maintain census, the focus increasingly is on sales and marketing teams.

Residents' new wheels

November 24, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Independence is a great feeling, especially for those whose mobility is compromised by physical impairments, age, frailty or other healthcare issues. What better gift can be given than that of hope?

Check before inviting a resident on an outing

November 17, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Residents need to have a change of scene occasionally. Check to see that there is room to include another passenger. A few questions and a little legwork can avoid a resident letdown.

Personal resident alarms: More protection or more risk?

November 12, 2014     Alan C. Horowitz, RN, JD

More personal alarm-based safety devices for aren't always betterfor the residents or the organization. The wrong strategy can make bed and chair alarms a liability instead of a protection.

A day in Holly's world

November 10, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Residents can empathize with fellow residents' challenges even as they strive to cope with and overcome their own physical, emotional and/or behavioral challenges.

Socks for Seniors: A holiday campaign

November 6, 2014     Sandra Hoban, Managing Editor

The holidays are coming up quickly. Now is the time to start to think about gifts for residents or a resident project to help less fortunate older people in the community. For more than a decade, one organization has helped to keep seniors' feet warm and dry throughout the winter.

Weighing in on 'granny cams'

November 3, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Surveillance cameras don’t always provide the proof a resident’s family was expecting—sometimes it is worse. Kathleen Mears offers a resident's view on this monitoring technology.

OSHA's here! Know your rights

October 28, 2014     Steve Wilder, CHSP, STS

When OSHA surveyors come knocking, neither the organization nor its employees can be bullied. Compliance expert Steve Wilder explains everyone's rights during an inspection.


Vampire eyes

October 27, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Fads come and go. When younger employees wear extreme “fashions” on the job, however, it can be disturbing—if not frightening—to some residents.

Glen Campbell, filmmakers show strength in making Alzheimer’s documentary

October 24, 2014     Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

A documentary, a foundation and training materials for caregivers are arising from one man's wish to share "the gnarly truth" about dementia, and the filmmakers and family members who took up the challenge.

I need to go to the bathroom!

October 20, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Preserving continence is important to a resident’s dignity and self-esteem. Unfortunately, some residents have to rely on others to assist them and the timing might not always be convenient.

Battling Ebola and other threats, wherever we are

October 15, 2014     Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

Ebola is in the news, but those working in long-term care face a bigger threat to their health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a wealth of information on both.

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