Unanswered call lights

July 21, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Is it an emergency? Does the resident need assistance? Is it an equipment malfunction? These questions cannot be answered unless staff responds to call lights.

Doctor at a distance

July 14, 2014     Kathleen Mears

We are expected to be on time for medical appointments but usually end up sitting in the waiting room. Compound that wait with a long round-trip ride and that one appointment can take all day.


Disappearing washcloths

July 7, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Everyone knows that washing machines and dryers live on a diet of socks. Long-Term Living resident blogger Kathleen Mears notes that washcloths seem to be the meal of choice of facility laundry equipment.

3 keys to facility security

July 3, 2014     Steve Wilder, CHSP, STS

Three steps can help long-term care facility administrators ensure that security is an integral part of their overall management plans.

CPR: Live or let die?

July 2, 2014     Alan C. Horowitz, RN, JD

Administering CPR can be a life-saver or a violation of a resident's rights, explains Long-Term Living legal expert Alan C. Horowitz, JD, RN. Does your staff know what to do if an emergency occurs?

Another battle won in the war on tobacco

June 30, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Smoke-free nursing homes are becoming the norm. Long-Term Living blogger Kathleen Mears shares her opinions on the benefits of a total ban on tobacco products.

My solution to a noisy room

June 23, 2014     Kathleen Mears

People have different levels of auditory comfort. When too many decibels work for one resident, but assault a roommate, what can be done to ensure both parties’ satisfaction?

An unfortunate involuntary discharge

June 16, 2014     Kathleen Mears

The kindness of strangers helps an involuntarily discharged nursing home resident with his immediate needs and plans for the future.

The shock of elder abuse in assisted living

June 13, 2014     Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

Recent research reveals that executive directors of assisted living communities may not be aware of all of the cases of elder abuse—especially sexual incidents—occurring in their communities. A gerontology expert shares four ways to recognize and combat abuse in long-term care settings.

5 tips to keep seniors safe this summer

June 13, 2014     Sandra Hoban, Managing Editor

The official start of summer is just about a week away. Make sure you’re ready to assist and advise your residents on simple solutions to “beat the heat.”

Higher or deeper?

June 13, 2014     Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

Midway through 2014, the LTC industry sits at another subtle crossroad, paved by multiple questions about the short-term and long-term future. What’s hot today is a good investment, but what will be hot tomorrow is a far better one.

Battery blues

June 9, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Car problems can be a problem for anyone. Imagine the frustration and fear of someone with disabilities when his or her vehicle breaks down.

Remembering D-Day

June 6, 2014     Sandra Hoban, Managing Editor

Today is the day to remember—and honor—those brave men and women of the armed forces who landed on the shores of Normandy, signaling the beginning of the end of World War II.

The walk-and-roll outing

June 2, 2014     Kathleen Mears

An outdoor outing might seem like a simple pleasure, but it can present challenges to long-term care residents. Overcoming the difficulties mobility issues can present are worth it to give residents a break from the routines of facility life.

Let them eat print!

May 29, 2014     Sandra Hoban, Managing Editor

The space program introduced a nation to Tang beverage crystals and the microwave. A new technology may change the way that long-term care residents dine.

Long-term care emergency preparedness

May 27, 2014     Steve Wilder, CHSP, STS

Have you shaken the dust off your emergency preparedness plan lately? The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has added some new requirements to what must be in an emergency operations plan and how employees must be trained.

Penalty paybacks: Funding projects for free

May 27, 2014     Alan C. Horowitz, RN, JD

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is cracking down on unused money collected from civil money penalties. Long-Term Living legal expert Alan C. Horowitz explains how your facility can get its next worthy project paid for by the fund.

You are out of…

May 27, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Missing doses of a medication can be problematic—even dangerous—for residents in long-term care. Why does a prescription run out before it should?

"State's here!"

May 19, 2014     Kathleen Mears

A state survey is an important facet of ensuring that residents receive quality care, yet it always creates a sense of dread for administrators and staff. Residents know instinctively when their home is being inspected.

Identifying hazards before an event occurs

May 15, 2014     Steve Wilder

OSHA safety compliance goes well beyond the National Emphasis Program on Long-Term Care. Are you watching for these other risks?

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