Accident investigations improve safety

January 27, 2015     Steve Wilder, CHSP, STS

Part one of a two-part series focuses on the benefits of conducting thorough accident investigations. The lessons learned help create safer workplaces.

An old-fashioned remedy would work

January 26, 2015     Kathleen Mears

For minor skin infections and irritations, some residents like to rely on simple remedies used when they were young rather than take more medication.

Pitch perfect: Submitting your story ideas to Long-Term Living

January 21, 2015     Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

Got a great article idea or business success story? Here are some tips on how to help us share your experiences and input with readers.

A good egg can keep a resident’s sunny side up

January 19, 2015     Kathleen Mears

Meals are the best part of the day for most residents, and breakfast is the most important meal. Cutting back on quality might be economical, but your residents can taste the difference.

What to expect from OSHA in 2015

January 16, 2015     Steve Wilder

Will the new Congress soften the agenda of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and be kinder, gentler and less aggressive?

Mourning the passing of the New Old Age blog

January 12, 2015     Kathleen Mears

It’s said that “all good things must come to an end,” as Long-Term Living’s resident blogger says goodbye to a trusted friend and a reliable source of information and experience.

Presenting prices to prospects

January 9, 2015     Luke Fannon

Should prices be posted on senior living pamphlets and websites? As tempting as it can be, senior marketing expert Luke Fannon says it isn't a smart strategy.

Charting with a jury in mind

January 5, 2015     Alan C. Horowitz, RN, JD

How well does your nursing staff know your facility's protocols on charting? Legal expert Alan C. Horowitz explains why poor documentation can be a risk to both resident care and liability.

Dealing with difficult situations

January 5, 2015     Kathleen Mears

Long-Term Living’s resident blogger Kathleen Mears updates us on her upsetting encounters with two insensitive night shift aides.

My most popular content on social media in 2014

December 30, 2014     Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

I enjoy trying to help you be successful in your professional life. This review of analytics uncovers the issues of most importance to Long-Term Living’s and my friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Put a lid on it

December 29, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Some simple advice on infection prevention can solve the age-old controversy between men and women on keeping the toilet seat up or down.

It is the thought that counts

December 22, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Even residents in nursing homes feel the joy in giving as well as receiving. Simple heartfelt gifts are the ones that will be remembered—and treasured—throughout the years.

Delivering dynamics

December 18, 2014     Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

Long-term and post-acute care providers will grapple with crucial issues in 2015, and will have to put the pieces together amid new business models and new initiatives. The key is to look forward instead of back.

5 tips for happy holiday visits

December 16, 2014     Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

Caregivers and nursing homes can help families have happier holiday visits by doing a few things in advance. Here are five tips to avoid “visit crises” and make everything easier for residents and their visiting families during the holidays.

Dealing with SAD

December 15, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Many environmental conditions can affect the human condition—the tides, pollution, humidity. Long-Term Living’s resident blogger Kathleen Mears has displayed some of the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.

Ezekiel Emanuel: Meaning, not length, most important in life

December 13, 2014     Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

Some may have been misled by a recent essay in The Atlantic, author Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, PhD, says. His published views on aging and the end of life, however, have implications for policymakers and professional caregivers.

Tips on walker safety

December 9, 2014     Sandra Hoban, Managing Editor

Self-propelled walkers help the elderly maintain independence, but they can present some fall risks for the unwary, unpracticed or uninformed user.

Searching for after-Thanksgiving deals online

December 8, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Everyone is looking for a bargain these days. That is especially true for long-term care residents who need to shop smart to get more from their limited funds.

Mechanical lifts can endanger residents

December 2, 2014     Sandra Hoban, Managing Editor

Although mechanical lifts make moving a patient easier for the caregiver, safety can be compromised if the user does not know how to operate the lift properly.

Let's make a deal

December 1, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Pssst! Want a plant? Have I got a deal for you! Residents can drive a hard bargain when they are out looking for the perfect deal even when it’s not Cyber Monday.

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