Working at moving out: Part 3

July 27, 2015     Kathleen Mears

Mindy and CG, who live the same SNF as Long-Term Living’s resident blogger Kathleen Mears, continue to take steps to transition as a couple into the community at large.

Side-tracked by side rails

July 21, 2015     Alan C. Horowitz, RN, JD

Side rails may sound like a great safety tool, but unless the use of side rails is properly assessed and documented, their usage can pose great risks to residents and the facility.

On the road to burnout

July 20, 2015     Kathleen Mears

It happens in most professions, but the tensions that lead burnout in long-term care are magnified by the pressures—and responsibilities—of caring for people.

A fire system check can be unnerving

July 13, 2015     Kathleen Mears

Fire alarms are one of the most important protections to residents and staff to ensure their safety. But the alarm system must be checked regularly tor a faulty fire alarm system could be fatal.

Dying with a voice

July 10, 2015     Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has proposed a milestone change within its latest Physician Fee Schedule--a new billing code for advanced care planning services. Will it encourage more docs to talk about end-of-life choices?

Seniors are big on bingo

July 6, 2015     Sandra Hoban, Managing Editor

Don’t pooh-pooh this game that engages people of all ages from toddlers to older adults. Whether played for competition or the chance to win prizes, bingo remains somewhere on an activity director’s calendar.

A treatment ends

July 6, 2015     Kathleen Mears

After a five-year battle with breast cancer, Long-Term Living’s resident blogger Kathleen Mears hopes that her experience with a breast cancer medication will help other women survive.

Time to say goodbye

June 29, 2015     Kathleen Mears

Residents often form warm relationships with their direct caregivers. Employee turnover is not a surprise in the long-term care field, but even for the aide that is going back to school, changing jobs or beginning a family, it’s hard to say goodbye to the older resident who relied on them.

My inspirational item was a casualty

June 22, 2015     Kathleen Mears

It’s just good “housekeeping” to go purge one’s living area of unwanted, unused, broken, dated or unimportant possessions. Sometimes during downsizing, however, things can go awry.

Practicing emergency color codes

June 19, 2015    

Code Blue, Code Gray, Code Red, Code White... Do your clinical and administrative staff practice color-code emergencies?

Signs of dehydration

June 16, 2015     Sandra Hoban, Managing Editor

If strong, active and young people can become dehydrated, imagine how easily older adults can lose fluids if not closely monitored. Do you know the symptoms of dehydration.

An unanswered call light

June 15, 2015     Kathleen Mears

Is there ever a good reason for staff not to respond to a resident’s call light? Of course, all call lights are not emergencies, but will one that is an emergency be overlooked?

Ducking disasters

June 15, 2015     Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

Every facility has a disaster plan. But are you preparing your staffers to keep the "little stuff" from becoming big crises?

Sexual Intimacy and Dementia: Fulfilling a Basic Need or Resident Abuse?

June 8, 2015     Alan C. Horowitz, JD, RN

Can a resident with dementia provide true consent for sexual intimacy? Can an intimate relationship, even between spouses, ever be considered abuse? Answer: It depends.

Warmer temperatures—outside and in

June 8, 2015     Kathleen Mears

Bring a sweater. It's difficult to maintain an air temperature that satisfies all residents in a congregate living setting. Some residents may be too warm and others may be too cold when the air conditioning kicks on.

Memories of Bill

June 1, 2015     Kathleen Mears

In long-term care, residents can observe and interact with each other in a variety of ways. When a resident passes, his LTC friends take time to remember.

Guests at mealtime

May 26, 2015     Kathleen Mears

Every facility dining room has its own culture. The atmosphere may be casual or formal.  When it is disrupted by surprise visitors, however, residents and staff may need to adapt.

Sudden weight loss may be a precursor to frailty

May 18, 2015     Sandra Hoban, Managing Editor

Frailty is not an inevitable consequence of aging. For some older Americans, however, weight loss can contribute to dependence on mobility devices and more assistance with ADLs.

Decorations highlight holidays

May 18, 2015     Kathleen Mears

It might be a small gesture, but residents appreciate the time that staff--especially Activities staff--take to brighten the environment with colorful reminders of seasons, celebrations and people enjoying facilty events.

Intergenerational program is 'a perfect match'

May 13, 2015     Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

A continuing care retirement community receives national exposure for a program that uses technology to help older adults in the United States feel valued and assists students in Brazil with improving their English language skills.

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