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I scream for…frozen dessert

November 24, 2015     Nicole Stempak, Associate Editor

An emergency room physician with a lifelong passion for ice cream was inspired by his patients to concoct a tasty and nutritious frozen dessert.

Understanding Parkinson's disease psychosis

November 24, 2015     Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

Educating caregivers and staff on the effects of Parkinson’s disease psychosis can help them react with understanding to a resident’s hallucinations and false claims.

CMS gets to work on new value-based fee structure

November 20, 2015     Bob Gatty

Now that the SGR is history, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is tackling the new value-based payment model. Leading long-term care organizations are playing important roles in advising the new policies.

Boost the bottom line by boosting staff morale

November 19, 2015     Nicole Stempak, Associate Editor

Surveys show that engaged staff improves morale, productivity and the bottom line. A healthcare staffing and engagement consultant offers four ways to engage with staff, shift the workplace culture and create a better experience for both staff and residents.

Music meets physical therapy

November 17, 2015     Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

Music may soothe the soul, but a New York nursing home shows that combining music with physical therapy is very good for the body and the cognitively declining mind, too.

Investing in staff: Better engagement, better business

November 15, 2015     Imran Javaid

A long-term care financial expert explains on why investing on your staff isn't just about salary, and why comittments to your staff's personal growth can have trickle-down benefits on the entire business.

Finding peace and contentment: A SNF resident's view

November 15, 2015     Elvin Marmol

What helps long-term residents find fulfilling, content lives? A 15-year resident of a New York skilled nursing facility shares his view on how residents can fight depression and strive for a healthy state of mind.

Office of Inspector General plans to crack down on fraud and cut costs

November 6, 2015     Nicole Stempak, Associate Editor

The OIG released its Work Plan for fiscal year 2016. Long-term care providers can expect reviews of claims and payment documentation as well as consolidated equipment and pharmaceutical purchases.

Speak to ME: Turning LTC advertising into engagement

November 6, 2015     Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

Those old-school flyers and print ads may not be the best way to entice today’s seniors to become site visitors. A panel of experts offers some new ideas on how to engage seniors towant to learn about your community.

A Round up of LeadingAge 2015

November 4, 2015     Nicole Stempak, Associate Editor

A look at what attendees were talking about in the hallways and online about LeadingAge's 2015 annual conference and expo in Boston.

LeadingAge transitions but pledges to continue leading

November 4, 2015     Nicole Stempak, Associate Editor

LeadingAge’s president-elect Katie Smith Sloan and board chair-elect Kathryn Roberts vow to keep changing to meet changing industry needs.

Ready, set, hack! 2015 LeadingAge Hackfest melds technology and engagement

November 1, 2015     Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief
Two runners up and a grand prize winner split $9,000 in prize money; LeadingAge attendees will pick "People's Choice" winner Monday.

"You’re fired?": Handling staff discipline

October 24, 2015     Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

Avoiding staff terminations begins with more diligent hiring practices, but here are one expert’s tips to handing documentation and process when a staffer isn’t performing up to snuff.

Fight brewing over proposed CMS arbitration rule

October 23, 2015     Bob Gatty

The long-term care industry argues that the CMS arbitration rule goes too far; state attorneys general seek an outright ban.

One-on-one with… Peter Schuna

October 21, 2015     Nicole Stempak, Associate Editor

Long-term care has to turn its attention to a different age group: millennials. How can an older industry attract a younger workforce? Peter Schuna, NHA, shares his personal experience and offers expert insight for developing a new generation leaders.

Managing anticoagulants

October 20, 2015     Debbie Sullivan-Reslock

Anticoagulants like warfarin are very effective in reducing dangerous blood clots. But without proper monitoring and quick intervention when dosage changes are needed, these drugs can lead to hospitalizations or worse.

Reexamine elopement risk assessments

October 19, 2015     Carl Bloomfield, AAI; and Bette McNee, RN, NHA

Your answers to five questions may reveal that your program is missing key risk factors in keeping your residents safe from wandering.

Quality memory care visits

October 16, 2015     Debbie Sullivan-Reslock

Visiting relatives with dementia can be especially difficult for families, but caregivers can guide families toward more productive ways to interact with their loved ones.

Resident engagement across the globe

October 15, 2015     Shelley Evans, MT-BC, AC-BC, CDP, CADDCT

An activity professional in the United Kingdom travels to the United States and Australia to share ideas on resident engagement.

Designed to engage

October 14, 2015     Sara O. Marberry, EDAC

Create a senior living community that is resident friendly, beautiful and functional by considering how the space might be used and adapted today and tomorrow.