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Trying a place on for size

September 30, 2016     Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

One stand-alone CCRC invites prospective residents to be their guest as part of larger resident-driven marketing efforts. 

Feds propose improvements to PACE

September 30, 2016     Robert Gatty

The proposed plan is intended to streamline and improve the federal Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) to help seniors avoid nursing home care.

CMS' Final Rule: Is it a win for residents?

September 30, 2016     Tom Ealey and Elizabeth Cameron, JD, MBA

Two business administration academics take an early look at what CMS' Final Rule for long-term care reform legislation will mean.

Children’s tale takes flight for senior author, illustrator

September 30, 2016     Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

Octogenarians get in touch with their inner spring chickens for their first juvenile fiction book about the extraordinary adventures of a seemingly-ordinary bird. 

How does your memory care facility rank?

September 23, 2016     Long-Term Living Editors

Memory care thought leaders gathered in at the Memory Care Forum to discuss the state of the industry and look ahead at what’s to come. 

Staffing and quality

September 16, 2016     Victor Lane Rose, MBA, NHA, CPASRM

New approaches to staffing and scheduling can improve safety, raise quality and encourage employees to work better together.

Animal comforts

September 9, 2016     Beth Thomas Hertz

Aminals have a special power to connect with seniors, including those whose dementia makes it hard for them to communicate. Furry, fuzzy and feathered assistants help their human counterparts engage residents with company and comfort near the end of life.

Making reading easier for people with dementia

September 8, 2016     Peter S. Dixon, MD-FACP, and Susan Ostrowski, CCC-SLP

By Peter S. Dixon, MD, FACP, and Susan Ostrowski, CCC-SLP, Reading2Connect

People can obtain a lot of joy and brain stimulation from reading, but those with dementia need materials that are easy for them to see and access while also holding their interest.

The Human Connection Model for memory care

September 8, 2016     Pamela Silberman-Mills, MA, CTRS

In this segment of our original research series, learn how each resident’s personal story can be used to enhance communication, interaction and care delivery.

One-on-one with... Ruta Kadonoff, Pioneer Network

September 1, 2016     Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

Long-Term Living caught up with Ruta Kadonoff minutes after wrapping up her first conference at the helm of Pioneer Network to talk about her plans for the organization and revolutionizing aging.

Defuse disputes with arbitration clauses

August 26, 2016     Nancy Reynolds, JD

Properly drafted arbitration clauses can help reduce resident disputes, but families may still need help understanding the terms.

Flu season: An opportunity for training

August 26, 2016     Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

Despite sunshine and warm temperatures, influenza season is right around the corner. Are your staffers trained in the policies and protocols concerning vaccinations?

NOTICE Act takes effect

August 25, 2016     Robert Gatty

Advocacy groups are urging Congress to pass additional legislation on the NOTICE Act to allow observation time to count toward the required three-day inpatient stay for Medicare. Federal officials are also considering arbitration agreement provisions.

How living at a CCRC changed my tune

August 25, 2016     Haley Jenkins

Senior music major Haley Jenkins reflects on how spending her final year of college living at retirement community has taught her about life—and changed her plans for the future. 

Affording the household model

August 24, 2016     Ellen Rand

“Household model” senior living environments are attractive to residents for their person-centered care and resident quality of life, but are they financially viable?


Adding Medicaid to your mix

August 19, 2016     Chris Junker

By Chris Junker, CEO of Procura

Leveraging technology can maximize revenue and diversification of home healthcare service, especially in the complex environment of serving the Medicaid-eligible population.

Dementia-friendly dining

August 15, 2016     Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

Industry innovators are pushing the meal ticket far beyond fish sticks and apple slices.

Government plows broadband clearing for rural SNFs

August 12, 2016     Robert Gatty

Industry leaders’ persistent efforts resulted in passage of the Rural Health Care Connectivity Act, which will allow skilled nursing facilities to seek federal funding to finance high-speed Internet service for providers in rural areas. 

Bridging mortgage gaps

August 10, 2016     Anita Huedepohl

Bridge loans can provide opportunities for solid financial footing when times get tough.

One-on-one with...Chuck Czarnik

August 8, 2016     Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

Senior Editor Nicole Stempak caught up with Chuck Czarnik, CHDA to talk about how Brookdale Senior Living is using data to improve patient outcomes and operations.