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GAO: Expand cuts in antipsychotic drug use

Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

Assisted living communities and home health agencies will be some of the next frontiers for the federal government’s efforts to reduce the use of antipsychotic medications in those with dementia, following a recommendation from the Government Accountability Office.

CMS: Proof lacking that quality measures have unintended effects

Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services says it has found little evidence to support or refute the possibility that the use of quality measures has had unintended consequences in nursing homes and other settings.


Vendors speak out on health IT interoperability

Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

The ONC’s latest proposals include health IT interoperability goals that could be tricky to accomplish without serious culture change and deeper understanding of long-term care’s workflow needs, say health IT leaders and EHR vendors.

Medicare plan launches addiction services for seniors

March 5, 2015     Julie Miller

Independence at Home, operated by SCAN Health Plan, has added a new program for older adults that provides screening, assessment, counseling, brief therapy and action planning for individuals who may be misusing alcohol, drugs or prescription medication.

Survey: Seniors want to access their healthcare online

March 5, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal

A growing number of tech-savvy seniors want to access healthcare services from home, but most of them don’t think that today’s technology is sufficient enough to do so, according to a new survey from the New York-based research firm Accenture.

NIH launches big data portal for Alzheimer's research

March 5, 2015     Gabriel Perna

The National Institutes of Health is launching a big data portal this week that aims to help Alzheimer's researchers develop new treatments for the disease.

ACC expands cardiology clinical guidelines app

March 4, 2015     Richard R. Rogoski

New guidelines are included in a clinical app released by the American College of Cardiology.


5-star rating analysis tool for LTPAC providers

March 4, 2015     Richard R. Rogoski

New analysis tool allows LTPAC providers to evaluate their five-star rating status and find ways to improve.


Injectable nanogel could revolutionize meds administration

March 4, 2015     Richard R. Rogoski

An injectable gel that can deliver multiple drugs could change the way time-release medications are administered.


Fall prevention: One step at a time

March 4, 2015     Sandra Hoban, Managing Editor

When a loved one enters an assisted living facility, families are eager to learn how they can help out. Providers can educate them to recognize fall hazards.

2015 OPTIMA Award competition is open

March 3, 2015     The Long-Term Living Editors

Is your community's new program or initiative OPTIMA Award-worthy? Learn how you can submit your innovative, resident-centered programs for Long-Term Living's national honor.

HHS creates forum related to payment models

March 3, 2015     Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has formed the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network to help the federal government move toward greater use of alternative payment models.

AHCA joins caregiver caucus

March 3, 2015     Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

Four members of Congress have launched the Assisting Caregivers Today Caucus to focus on issues related to family caregiving, and the American Health Care Association has become a charter member.


Unappetizing blood draws

March 2, 2015     Kathleen Mears

Getting tasks or treatments completed on time can be challenging in a nursing home. But when it happens, staff should find a common-sense solution to make up for lost time without disrupting residents' activities.

We have the flu beat

February 26, 2015     Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

Long-Term Living and I have been named 2014–2015 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Flu Vaccination Digital Ambassadors, a formal acknowledgement of the efforts we have made and are making to keep you informed of best practices and trends related to the flu.

Sprinkler systems save lives

February 25, 2015     Sandra Hoban, Managing Editor

Two recent fires—one a tragedy, one a triumph—prove the wisdom of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services mandate to require sprinkler systems in skilled nursing facilities.

State is in the house

February 23, 2015     Kathleen Mears

Not only does a SNF survey cause long-term care staff concern, but residents witness the process firsthand to see how the care they receive is evaluated.