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One-on-one with...Leah Klusch

Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

Making use of newer guidance and data from the government, as well as improving communication with other entities and perfecting a person-centered approach to care, should be priorities for clinical and operational leaders in long-term care, according to the executive director of an educational foundation and consultancy.

End delay, VA is told

Bob Gatty

Lawmakers push the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to ease long-term care (LTC) red tape for military vets to obtain healthcare services. But what are the prospects for accessibility to LTC services?

12 steps to QAPI: Step 11: Getting to the 'root' of the problem

Nell Griffin, LPN, EdM

When a problem is identified, QAPI Step 11 shows how to perform a root cause analysis so an effective remedy can be implemented to prevent future events and keep residents safe from harm.

Meeting the new dining standards

August 19, 2014     Sandra Hoban, Managing Editor

What’s for dinner? Are you planning and serving residents meals that are in line with the new dining standards? A new toolkit helps to implement these requirements.

Skilled Healthcare, Genesis HealthCare to merge

August 19, 2014     Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

The 100 percent stock transaction will create one of the largest providers of post-acute care in the country, according to company executives.

FDA approves colorectal cancer test

August 18, 2014     Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

The FDA has approved the first stool-based colorectal screening test, and CMS is proposing covering it under some circumstances, but the USPSTF currently doesn't recommend it.

Credentialing organization seeks dementia caregivers for survey

August 18, 2014     Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

The National Certification Board for Alzheimer Care will use responses to set benchmarks, inform its certification exams and assist policymakers.

Casey Kasem to be buried in Norway

August 18, 2014     Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

A child of the late radio personality is lobbying for legislation that would require guardians to notify immediate family members when an ailing person is hospitalized, has died or is buried....

Parkinson's research initiative to use analytics, wearables

August 18, 2014     Gabriel Perna

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research and Intel have announced a technology-based collaboration to improve research and treatment for Parkison's disease.

Internet use can slow cognitive decline in seniors

August 18, 2014     Richard R. Rogoski

A new study shows that digital literacy can improve memory in seniors.

New technology unveiled for sleep-disordered breathing

August 18, 2014     Richard R. Rogoski

New sleep-disordered breathing solution aids clinicians from diagnosis to treatment.


ACIP offers recommendation on pneumonia vaccine

August 15, 2014     Sandra Hoban, Managing Editor

It’s nearing that time of the year again when it's important to review your residents’ history of vaccinations and to schedule the various inoculations, including pneumonia, that will protect them from infections in the coming months.

Long-term, post-acute care companies support Gay Games

August 14, 2014     Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

Businesses with ties to older adults are supporting the international Gay Games being held this week.


Designing tomorrow's senior environments

August 19, 2014     Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

A roomful of experts in senior living environments, architecture and interior design, editors from Long-Term Living, Environments for Aging and Healthcare Design, and Vendome Media’s conference planners gathered in Baltimore with a daunting task: choosing the very best submitted educational sessions for the 2015 Environments for Aging Conference. If your site or chain is mulling over a new construction or renovation project, the conference could be your #1 learning opportunity.

When ALS hits close to home

August 18, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Long-term care residents know the comfort that expressions of love and compassion can bring. When problems arise for family and friends, residents are eager to support others in their times of need.


Anyone for hummus?

August 11, 2014     Kathleen Mears

Appetites change, and dietary requirements might need adjustment, but meals always should be appetizing and healthful. A little creativity in the kitchen also is a plus.

Social media present challenges for healthcare employers, employees

August 8, 2014     Alan C. Horowitz, RN, JD

A clear social media policy can help employers and employees meet their legal obligations to one another as well as to residents. See where others have fallen short, and get tips for success in your organization.